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My name is Dirk Eckardt.

Searching for tarantulas in Costa Rica

...on a spider search in Costa Rica...


~thatīs me~

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Since the year 1992 I am working as a zookeeper in the Dortmund Zoo

I keep and breed tarantulas, bird-eating-spiders, in own tanks since 1982 along with numerous other terrarium and aquarium animals.

You want to visit the Dortmund Zoo today? Here is the weather forecast for Dortmund:

I support Tierschutzverein Dortmund.

Since 1992 I visit countries in Central- and South America in search for these animals and to feel what the rainforest really is!

I would be very delighted to receive any form of mail about my page and wish you pleasure while surfing!


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~~~ How tarantulas live in the wild ~~~

Psalmopoeus irminia, male

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